What should I ask first for SEO clients?

Questions to SEO Clients

Give me some credits (authorship) from scratch in Google Docs. Here I attached two Google Docs images, Where I have shown you, how can you add my existing content (authoritative) in your relevant Google Docs (#SEO, #SEOClients, #SEOQA) -- Questions and answers to ask SEO clients | SEO QA Before startup an #SEOprojects, you should ask your SEO clients:

  1. May I Have Access to the Following Items?

  2. What are Your Main Goals and #KPIs?

  3. What is Your Current #ROI and Goal #ROI?

#3. What is Your Current ROI and Goal ROI?

#4. Who is Your Ideal Customer?

#5. Which Countries are You Targeting?

#6. What Is Your Main USP? (Unique Selling Point).

#7. What Other Marketing Verticals are You Investing in?

#8. Who Was Your Previous or Current SEO Agency?

#9. Are There Any SEO-Related Documents We Can See?

#10. Have You Ever Had a Google Penalty?

Unfold to 27 askable SEO Questions to the clients- seosiri.com/2019/10/seo-qa.html