Does SEOSiri Provides Facebook (Meta) Ads Service?

Does SEOSiri Provides Facebook (Meta) Ads Service?

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Yes, being a prominent digital marketing company SEOSiri provide Facebook Ads Service and also considers your social media marketing needs besides search engine marketing, search engine optimization as well as other digital marketing services like content marketing, copywriting, web design, and development.

Here is SEOSiri provided Facebook (Meta) Ads Service Details:

  • Facebook Campaign (organic and paid) Duration: 54 days works.
  • Post activities: Maximum 7 to 10 posts a week (visual and formal).
  • Ads optimization: 40 to 45 times during the campaign (54 days).
  • Ads Optimization: Keywords Optimized Ads Copy (Compelling Copy),
  • Ads Management: Progress, ads performance analysis, opportunity findings, setup strategy, and Ads Performance Reports.
  • Ads types: Landing page visits, inbox conversations, post reactions, page promotion, post promotion.
  • Ads categories: Any categorized ads that meet Facebook Advertising Policies.
  • Free Add-on Service: Social Media/Content/Digital Marketing Consultancy.

Page optimization once: Page cover design, about, and description.

Facebook Marketing Service Fee:

54-day works service fee of $200 (paid once before starting the service, non-adjustable, non-refundable if the client withdraws or stops the taken service).


Authorize access to the business page, Meta/Facebook Ads Manager.

Facebook Ad Budget (your campaign, your limits): Under this Facebook Marketing Campaign the Ad Budget range should be a minimum of $500 to $1000, N.B: If the amounts raised too (more than $500/$1000) high, then the Marketing Service Fees will be more than the coasted $200 service charge.


The client will help to integrate the card information in the Ads panel (with sufficient balance for the Ads campaign).


After the campaign, the client will remove all access to the Service Provider, and on the campaign, no one allows for performing any actions like posting, ads touch, or retouching without discussions or permission from Facebook Campaign Service Provider.

Now, let's unfold SEOSiri Provides Facebook Ads Service Features;

Find details about Ads Service Features on this summarized table chart template image for the Facebook Advertising Campaign:

Facebook Ads Service

Read more SEOSiri Offered Facebook Ads Service Proposal, P.B.N: SEOSiri Optimized Facebook Ads Service/Social Media Marketing Strategies help grow your business—from running ads to selling products to engaging with your customers that answers your FAQ of why do You choose SEOSiri as a Facebook ad partner?

Next Steps

If you agree with this proposal and want to proceed with the service, please sign below and return this document to me by [date]. We will then contact you to discuss the details and timeline of the service.

Thank you for showing interest in choosing Us/SEOSiri as your Facebook Ads service provider (Freelance Outsourced, Remote, Temporary, or Permanent).

We look forward to working with you and helping you grow your business on Facebook, also you can hire us to manage your overall campaign on Facebook.

Facebook Ads Proposal Submission Instruction 👇

Facebook Ads Service Proposal | Download PDF or, Facebook Advertisement Proposal


Upload the signed proposal on the client registration page

So, don't wait. Start winning your Facebook Marketing with SEOSiri.

Trust me, your business will be the rock star in your business niches.

Thank you

Momenul Ahmad

Facebook Ads Strategist

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