Streamline Your Website Handover Process with This Ready-to-Use Premium Template that teaches you how to write?

Streamline Your Website Handover Process with This Ready-to-Use Premium Template that teaches you how to write?

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While searching on search engines to find how to write a web development project handover template, I was astonished and saddened not findings completely free documents, guides, or templates in premium quality to write up a stunning Website Handover Template.

Whatever that is, I prepared these project handover templates based on the agreements (approved web development and design proposal) with my recent clients that dedicating to independent web developers who are working independently outside of the web development platform or marketplace.

For sure you will learn how to write and what should include in a web development, SEO, and Website design project handover template?

Now, let's know what to include, how to write, and what not to include in a professional Project handover template that is in quality premium but free Project Handover Template.
WEB DEVELOPMENT Project Handover Template (freemium but in quality premium);

SEOSiri developed and optimized Web development project handover templates including:

  1. Project handoff
  2. Milestones, Observation period
  3. To be implemented.

4. WEB Development Project Overview:

· 1. Business research.
· 2. Domain research.
· 3. Domain purchase.
· 4. Hosting setup.
· 5. Logo design.
· 6. Template modification.
· 7. Theme setup.
· 8. Domain e-mail ID configuration.
· 9. Google business verification.
· 10. Google, Bing SearchConsole Setup.
· 11. Google Analytics setup.
· 12. Social Media Profile Creation, and Optimization.
· 13. Google Cloud and admin console (Google Workplace) setup.
· 14. Facebook domain verification.
· 15. Page creation, page content creation.
· 16. Website article.

6. Project outcomes: A wholly secured website with a custom e-mail ID (custom business email) and 15GB hosting.

7. 7. Future assistance, costs, and service charges:

  1. Domain Renewal and email forwarding costs are subject matter to the respective client.
  2. Any technical issue fixing or any customized demands fulfillment is payable to the developer based on the demanded services.
  3. Nurturing the website, i.e., blog writing publications and syndication of the content while the entire web may be acceptable to the developer based on a monthly service charge.
  4. The basic consultations are wholly free for up to 1 year, i.e., Content writing, publishing, etc.
  5. The total cost is as per the bilateral open-mouth discussion.
  6. Premium Domain provided for free.

I didn't add the service charges and costs due to these types of costs and charges always vary depending on the project size and work features, also didn't include the bill copy.

  1. KEEP THE PASSWORD SECRET, make changes to the given password.

9. Wish, Cordiality, Thanking, and Signing

Suggested rules to follow for Web Developers, Freelancers and Marketers:

WEBSITE DESIGN, WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT & SEO Project handover template BY SEOSiri founder, Momenul Ahmad.png)

I hope all the talented web developers got it helpful too much, right! No???

Okay, what else is on your mind about writing a successful Web Development Project handover (not an example but rather a real-time and proven) template?

Leave us a message in the comments to guide us about the "**Web Development and Design" Project handover template**:

How do I create a project handover document?
How does a web developer write a project handover letter?
How does a web design and development company or firm prepare a handover template?
How do you hand over a website?

How do you write a website/blog handover template?

How do I hand over my website to my client?
What should a website or blog development project handover include?

What is the process to follow the site handover?

Website Design, SEO and Website Development Service Invitation:

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Standard Package:

(Complete website plus SEO)

A 5-page single Website/Blog, Web Design, Web Development, Google Console Setup

Digital Marketing Consultancy, Standard Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Blogger CMS Hosted 15GB Storage

Professional e-mail ID

Price: $600

Duration: One month

Premium Package: A 5 paged single Website/Blog with 2 subdomain, Web Design, Web Development, Premium Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu, Yahoo Search Console, Google Workplaces Admin, Google Analytics, Facebook Domain Verification, Google Business Profile Verification, Pinterest Business Profile Verification, also extra others social media and apps profile creation, i.e., Facebook (profile, business page), LinkedIn (Profile, Company Page) Instagram, TikTok, WhatsApp, telegram, etc.

Business profile, Business page, Quora Profile, Quora Spaces, 1k worded 2 SEOCopy.

Price: $800

Work frame & Duration: per month (campaign duration 3 months.

Platinum Package: Includes Standard Package and Premium Package, Website Management yearly 4 periodic.

Price: $1300

Duration: 4 months

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Thank you

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